Meter Provida Announce New Reverse Logistics Facility To Manage Demand

Meter Provida Reverse Logistics Building

Due to surges in demand for our Asset Management Solutions (AMS) service, Meter Provida is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility to manage the removal and processing of legacy meters.

The building is designed to help Meter Provida increase its capability to match growing demand for reverse logistics services as the smart meter rollout programme picks up its pace.

More specifically, the facility will support Meter Provida in undertaking a number of processes. These include:

  • The collection of removed meters
  • Sortation, scanning and reporting of meters
  • Triaging and refurbishing of meters
  • Responsible recycling of meters
  • Resale of refurbished and triaged meters

Commenting on the new building, Meter Provida Managing Director, Stephen Burr said:

“This is an excellent facility that will enable us to more effectively manage the large number of meters that need to be processed as part of the Smart Meter programme.

“It’s an especially exciting step forward given the investments we’ve been making in people, systems and additional warehouse facilities. Coupled with investment in a range of areas, I’m confident that the building will enable us to considerably scale up the processing, triage, refurbishment, transportation and disposal of meters to meet today’s huge demand.”

To read more about Asset Management Solutions and our approach to reverse logistics, download our white paper here.