Slipstream: An Integrated Approach To The Smart Rollout

Meter Provida Asset Management System App

To help Access Install Ltd manage reverse logistics and the associated processes, we rely on two proprietary systems: the Slipstream Works Management System (WMS) and the Slipstream Stock Management System.

Here’s a brief breakdown of our reverse logistics process and how these systems help us deliver an integrated service to help Access Install Ltd install and remove meters.

1. Using Slipstream WMS, we collate, format, and process meter asset data to support Access Install Ltd with planning and scheduling.

Access Install Ltd are then able to organise optimal dates and times for installing meters at each site they visit. The planning process also outlines available installers and the most effective route.

As well as saving cost and time, this logistical efficiency also minimises fuel use, reducing environmental impact at a time where climate change is high on the agenda.

2. Detailed planning data is then sent back into Slipstream WMS before being passed on to the MPL works management app.

Using the app, installers can access the necessary data on the move through any mobile device.

3. At the same time, Meter Provida sends appropriate stock to the installer’s location.

This stock is then loaded onto the installer’s vehicle(s), with the data updated accordingly in Slipstream.

4. Following the installation of the gas and electricity meters, data is collected via the app before being transferred to Slipstream.

This includes serial numbers, photos, job reference numbers, asset owners, and other important information.

5. We then send this data to UtiliGroup, who pass the data to the relevant gas and electricity authority.

The new meters and billing information are then registered for the consumer, with the income flowing to the owner.

6. Slipstream stock is then updated to facilitate replenishment.

The installer places the removed meter assets in his/her vehicle and on collecting the next batch of meters, delivers them to designated drop-offs points.

7. Finally, we conduct meter triage, sortation, and disposal processes, reporting back to Access Install every step of the way.

Although brief, this summary helps show how our integrated and collaborative approach enables clients to focus on installation quality and optimisation, secure in the knowledge that they are supported by a robust physical and data supply chain. This is something Access Install Ltd Director, Chris Fagan, was keen to reiterate.

“While there are companies that manage specific aspects of the supply chain, only Meter Provida has been able to offer the integrated service necessary manage the entire reverse logistic process so effectively.

Thanks to Meter Provida’s support, we can focus our efforts on compliant, cost-effective installations.”

– Chris Fagan, Access Install Ltd Director –

To find out more about Slipstream or how working with an ISO accredited partner can help you with meter reverse logistics, get in touch on 07921 106788