Slipstream Data Solutions

The insights data can offer your business are far reaching. Having a single view of your meter operations and your engineers’ work is key to driving efficiencies and cost savings, as well as ensuring compliance with OFGEM’s smart rollout regulations.

When you work with Meter Provida on your smart program, you’ll gain access to our class leading data solutions.


From our Slipstream platform where you can see the status of every meter, to our apps for engineers enabling them to manage their workload and order consumables for next day delivery, or our data logging collection and analysis service, we ensure you have all the information available to meet your business’s and OFGEM’s requirements.

The Slipstream platform is a robust, enterprise-scale platform that has been developed with the smart rollout in mind and includes access to several iOS and Android apps.

Slipstream can be integrated with your appointments management system so from the moment you arrange an install appointment, all of the necessary data for the job remains in one place. Every action is logged and recorded, and delivers all the information to the engineer via an app. It reduces travel time and missed installations, with customers seeing install rates rise by between 50% and 150%.

When on site, engineers use the app to cover off necessary Health & Safety requirements, and log and capture the removed and the new meter details including photographs of the removed assets. Slipstream also allows you to track the meter from removal to the time it is returned to its owner. Through our partnership with ElectraLink and via its Energy Market Insight service, our system can better validate the owner of a meter and ensure its timely return and repatriation, as required by OFGEM.

If your engineers are missing essential consumables on site, our Worksmart app puts the power of purchase in their hands. An easy to use app, it integrates with Meter Provida’s stock system and allows engineers to order consumables and kits for next day delivery. The system allows for purchase limits and reduces the need for engineers to buy consumables at inflated prices.

And for in-life data requirements, customers using our Data Loggers are able to access accurate analysis and reporting on usage. This service offers those in secondary metering a simple method to ensure correct billing, control and understand usage and spikes, and potentially recoup additional revenue, with all reporting available through our portal.

With Meter Provida’s Integrated approach to Data Services, you’ll have access to insights and visibility at every stage of the smart rollout process, enabling you to drive efficiencies in installations and procurement, and increase customer satisfaction. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business, give David Pye a call today on 01246 269807


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