Gas for Meter Asset Managers

For Meter Asset Managers, Meter Provida takes care of the whole gas metering package, from meter specification and supply to consignment stock, meter tracking and logistics.

We partner with some of the largest Meter Asset Managers in the UK so our specialist Meter Asset Management Team understands your needs and the demands of the market. We can take complete control of the supply, tracking and logistics of meters and liaise with installers and utilities on your behalf.

We understand meeting the needs of energy suppliers can be a challenge, so we work hard to ensure you have the correct equipment available, wherever it is needed.

We have a bespoke gas metering service for when an off the shelf gas product doesn’t suit, and with our consignment service offering over 30 locations around the UK, we ensure your customers are never far away from a meter. Our tracking platform, Slipstream, gives you complete visibility over stock and can be imported into your systems to give comprehensive, up to the minute accounting and management reports.


Our specialist Meter Asset Management services include:

  • Bespoke gas metering service from our metering experts for when “standard” doesn’t suit.  Our innovative, solutions focused approach means that whatever the challenge, we can create a solution that works for you.
  • Distributed consignment stock throughout the UK. Maximise your cash flow and ensure meters are available for installation when required with our consignment service.
  • Full asset tracking for meters, through Slipstream, our web based platform. By tracking the meter barcode from despatch to installation you have full visibility on meters for accounting and security purposes, 24/7.

We support Meter Asset Managers with a comprehensive meter supply, tracking and logistics service; to discuss how we can help support your business, please call us on 01246 269807