Reverse Meter Logistics for the Smart Rollout

By 2020, over 53m meters will need to be replaced with a smart meter. For every smart meter installed, there is a legacy meter and kit, including its flexible connector and regulator, that needs to be dealt with in a compliant, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally correct way.

With the rollout underway, the challenges of the program are not insignificant. Companies involved in the rollout must adhere to 14 separate pieces of legislation and four separate codes of practice. Compliance with OFGEM’s regulations about the tracking and management of removed assets is essential, with large fines and potential legal disputes for those who don’t follow the rules or return assets to their owner.

Managing the influx of millions of meters is not insignificant, and businesses must have the capacity to transport the assets in accordance with specific guidelines, correctly store removed assets in secure and weatherproof storage, as well as manage their flow to their owners, or to repair or disposal.

Add in the reporting and data management requirements, and in most cases, taking this in house is simply not a feasible or cost effective solution.

Meter Provida’s specialist reverse logistics division, AMS, offers companies involved in the smart rollout with a complete, outsourced service from its dedicated facility at the heart of the UK motorway network.

Working to ISO 9001, OHS 18001, and ISO 14001 standards, the trained team at AMS takes care of everything from the moment the meter is removed from the wall – logistics, reporting, triage, repair, recycling, and repatriation. AMS ensures complete compliance, with audit trails for all assets.

Whether you’re exchanging a few thousand meters, or a few million, Meter Provida can help. Contact David Pye today on 01246 269807 to discuss how we can help you manage your Smart rollout in a cost effective and compliant way.

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