Smart for Meter Asset Managers

For UK Meter Asset Managers, Meter Provida offers complete smart metering solutions, from smart meter specification and supply to consignment stock, smart meter tracking and logistics.

With the smart rollout a key priority, Meter Provida’s specialist Smart Meter Team can offer you a comprehensive service to specify, deliver and manage smart meter installations.


Why You Should Partner with Meter Provida for Your Smart Meter Rollout…

  1. We understand your needs and the demands of the smart meter rollout and take complete control of the supply, tracking and logistics of meters on your behalf.
  1. We have distribution rights as well as close relationships with many leading meter manufacturers and so can supply you with all meter manufacturers, all at highly competitive prices.
  1. We’ve helped many of the UK’s utility companies with their smart meter trials and our industry knowledge and contacts are second to none. We understand the Smart Meter sector and can bring our expertise to your project.
  1. We can supply complete Smart Kits, including gas & electricity meters, the comms hub and IHD.
  1. We can handle the return of meters that have been removed on your behalf
  1. We have consistent availability on smart meters, metering accessories and installation kits
  1. Our asset tracking system, through our web platform Slipstream, gives you and your stakeholders complete visibility of all meters, across all locations, and can be linked with your logistics planning, works management and Onage systems
  1. Our customer service levels are outstanding; we are responsive, proactive and focused on delivery
  1. Our consignment stock service means you’ll have smart meters available wherever and whenever you need them, in any one of our 30 UK distribution locations, but you’ll only pay when they are logged for installation
  1. With our consistent, high quality products and service we give you peace of mind and help you manage energy suppliers’ expectations

To discuss how we can help support your Smart Meter rollout, please call us on 01246 269807